Respected local lawyer Rowan Wilson has been appointed to the Board of Cairns Bank following an election at last night’s Annual General Meeting.

Rowan fills the position of lawyer Melissa Nielsen, who sadly passed away in June. In an important milestone for Cairns Bank, three of the seven board roles are female, meaning Cairns Bank has a higher female rate (nearly 43%) compared with ASX 200 companies at just over 31%.

Board chair Michael Wenzel congratulated Rowan on her appointment, saying her experience in commercial law and connection to the Cairns community were key factors in her appointment.

Rowan is a lawyer at Miller Harris working across a wide range of industries, particularly construction, property, insurance, banking and finance, and insolvency.

“I moved to Cairns from Brisbane not long after becoming a fully-fledged lawyer, and then after six years in Melbourne, I jumped when the chance came to move back to Cairns,” Rowan said. 

“I worked at a large firm in Melbourne where I acted for some very big clients. It was a great experience but I really missed the variety of work, and the personal interactions that you get in a smaller firm, in a smaller city.”

“Our smaller size means direct accountability to customers, a tailored service, faster service, and most of all someone who knows you and what you do.”

Rowan said she was excited about the opportunity that Cairns and Cairns Bank has to prove that bigger is not always better, and that even for banking we can “Keep it in Cairns”. 

“The board and staff at Cairns Bank are motivated and driven to see the new era of Cairns Bank and I am really looking forward to being part of that. I am not a banker but I am a problem solver, and I hope that I can make a valuable contribution to the board.”