Ewan started with Cairns Bank last century – yes in 1998!

For the last 22 years Ewan has been a familiar face to many of the customers of Cairns Bank, particularly those who needed a loan.  Affectionately known as “Uncle Ewan” by many, he is a straight shooter and has earned the respect of customers and staff alike with his straightforward approach to banking. You can always rely on Ewan to tell it like it is and don’t people love it.  

Here’s just a sample of the feedback we have received in just the last couple of months (there is no room to go back over the last 22 years).

“I have been so fortunate to have you as my and my families bank manager for well over 30-40 years. You have given me sound advice over the years, it is so much appreciated. We will miss you when you finally retire” said Kimberly

“Thanks for your email and your concern about our decision - another example of why we love banking with you!” said Stuart

“I just wanted to say "Thank You" for everything!!!  You have been very patient with me. It was very important for me to get this loan on my own, and you made it happen. Your staff are wonderful! I feel like I've joined a family, not just a bank!” said Amanda

Ewan, we all wish you well as you enter a new chapter in your life.  We recently said, you can leave the business, but you won't leave our family. 

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