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Personal Loans - How to apply

Personal Loans - How to apply

Applying for a personal loan is very straightforward. Just come and see us and we’ll give you all the help you need. Our years of experience means we know all the pitfalls to avoid and we make sure the process is easy for you.
To make sure your application is as quick and easy as possible, you should bring the following along when you come to see us:

  • A loan application form 
  • Your 3 most recent pay slips or last 2 years Tax Assessments (if self-employed)
  • Support for rental income – rental statements or copy of lease
  • The latest 3 months statements on all bank accounts and credit card accounts
  • Loan statements covering the last 6 months on any other loans
  • Statements on superannuation and shares held
  • Current rates notice on all properties
  • If you have already bought a property – a copy of the contract
  • Personal identification

Loan Appointment Booking

Loan Appointment Booking Form

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