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Simple products because life's already too complicated.


Simple products because life's already too complicated.

There are a large number of loan products out there and quite frankly, it’s pretty hard to compare them all. We like the idea of simplicity because we want our customers to understand their loan and its features.

Our loan types are:

  • Owner occupied – if you intend to live in the house
  • Investment – if you intend to rent it out 

Within these loan types we have two interest types:

  • Variable – the interest rate can change
  • Fixed – the interest rate is fixed for a defined term (1-3 years)

How’s that for simple?

Our customers can also make extra repayments and have an offset account on their fixed or variable rate loan.


First home buyers

Buying your first home can be a bit overwhelming, and there’s no shortage of ‘experts’ who want to give you advice. When listening to that advice, it's important to make sure you consider who is providing it and how likely it is that they know everything they claim to be experts on.

We are happy to help you with some of the jargon and to work out what you should be considering in finding the right property and the right loan. This includes the various Government schemes to assist first home buyers with their purchase; things like mortgage insurance and what costs you can expect as a homeowner (apart from making repayments on your mortgage).

We have a publication on home buying available for you that is aimed at translating some of the jargon associated with home loans and explains some of the popular myths out there in the market.

Bank of Mum and Dad Loan

Cairns Bank has a great loan product that helps those people buying their first home with the support of their parents, or ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’.

Rather than lending children money, which has a number of potential issues, we support parents to help their children and reward them at the same time. It can also help to avoid the payment of Lender’s Mortgage Insurance, reducing the cost of buying a home.

If you’ve still got children living at home with you well into their twenties you may have felt the frustration of coming home from work and opening the fridge to find that the food you were looking forward to has been eaten. The dryer is probably still full of clothes.

Your car’s fuel seems to have evaporated or you can’t move for wet towels on the floor. The bank of mum and dad is sometimes used to fund their children’s deposits when parents really want the place to themselves again! Or it may be that your children have been working really hard, but the cost of renting is stopping them being able to save a deposit.

Whatever the reason, the bank of mum and dad is helping more first home buyers with their deposit than ever before. That’s why Cairns Bank has developed a home loan that supports both the parents and the home buyer.

So talk to us now and we’ll help you to help your children.

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