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Investment Loans

Need a loan for your next investment property?

Enjoy low rates from.

6.39% p.a.,1

Comparison rates from.

7.50% p.a.,2

2 year fixed rate on owner occupied or investment home loans with principal and interest repayments.

Key Features

Our great range of investment loans are designed for the savvy investor.

Competitive interest rates

Enjoy competitive fixed and variable rates on your investment loan.

Flexible loan features

Have up to 8 offset accounts for both variable and fixed rate loans. Redraw facility available on all loans. Constructions loans are also available.

Fast turnaround on approvals

As a community focused bank, we have the local knowledge, the flexibility and the team to get your home loan approved much faster than the big banks.

Old-school service

Whether it's your first investment property or you're a seasoned investor, our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Rates & Fees

Enjoy competitive fixed and variable rates with our investment loans.

Loan typePrincipal & InterestComparison
Investment Fixed 1 Year 6.54% p.a.7.63% p.a.
Investment Fixed 2 Years6.39% p.a.,17.50% p.a.,2
Investment Fixed 3 Years 6.44% p.a.7.41% p.a.
Investment Standard Variable Rate7.54% p.a.7.74% p.a.
Loan typeInterest OnlyComparison Rate
Fixed 1 Year 6.74% p.a.
7.83% p.a.
Fixed 2 Years6.59% p.a.,17.70% p.a.
Fixed 3 Years6.64% p.a.
7.60% p.a.
Standard Variable Rate7.74% p.a.7.94% p.a.,2

Most of our banking is free. Where we need to make a charge, we keep these to an absolute minimum.

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How to apply

When you visit us in branch, we will take you through the process of taking out an investment loan from start to finish. Just like with any other mortgage application, when you borrow for an investment property you will need to complete a loan application and provide us with supporting documentation.

1. Contact our Home Loan Specialist.

2. Provide us with supporting documentation.

Home insurance

When you take out a home loan with Cairns Bank, you’ll need the cost of the home to be covered by home insurance. If you need a hand making sure you’re properly covered get in touch with our insurance partners today.

Investing in property FAQs

How does an investment loan differ to an owner occupier loan?

As the name suggests an investment loan serves the purpose of providing you with a mortgage for a property that you don’t plan on living in.

With our investment loans, you will benefit from the same home loan features as with an owner occupier loan such as a fixed or variable rate or offset account.

Yes, this is a common strategy used by investors. The key here is to ensure that you have paid off more than 80% of your current property’s value, so you’re not paying lenders mortgage insurance.

There are a range of costs associated with purchasing an investment property, including:

  • Home loan deposit, if you’re not drawing on equity from a current property
  • Stamp duty, which is a tax and territory charge. Use our stamp duty calculator to work out how much you will need to pay
  • Building and pest inspection fees
  • Conveyancer or solicitor fees
  • Mortgage registration fee
  • Lenders mortgage insurance, if your deposit is less than 20%


After you have purchased the property, you will also need to budget for the ongoing fees, such as:

  • Investment loan repayments
  • Council rates
  • Water rates
  • Strata fees, if you’re purchasing an apartment, townhouse or villa
  • Landlords’ insurance
  • Property maintenance fees

If you’re new to investing in property, here is a quick rundown of some of the common terms you will come across:

  • Capital growth: the amount your property increases in value over time.
  • Interest only home loan: a common loan chosen by investors who are relying on capital growth, where you only pay the interest (not the principal) for a set period.
  • Negative gearing: allows you to claim some of the common property expenses against your taxable income. This brings down the tax you pay, which you receive back as a lump sum come tax time.
  • Rentvesting: this is where you purchase an investment property in a more affordable area, while renting in the area you desire.
  • Rental yield: the amount of income you receive from your property, against the property’s market value.

When you visit us in branch, there are several documents that you will need to bring with you. Visit our How to apply for a home loan page for a full rundown.

An offset account is like a regular transaction account, with one key difference: it is linked to your eligible home loan and can save you money.

Just like a regular transaction account, you can make deposits or withdraw from your offset account, whether online, using a debit card or at an ATM.

The difference is that the money you have in this account is then fully set-off against the outstanding balance of your home loan when we calculate loan interest. This means the interest you pay is based on your home loan balance less the balance in your offset account.

At Cairns bank, an offset account comes attached to your home loan, and you can open up to eight offset accounts.

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Apply for an investment loan today

To find out more or to apply for an investment loan, book an appointment with our friendly team or visit us in branch.