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House at dusk used for hardship provisions for loan clients

Hardship provisions for loan clients

Hardship provisions for loan clients

Cairns Bank has been looking after its customers for over 120 years. Through wars, depressions, pilot strikes and the GFC we have stood by our customers. The current challenge is no different.


We recognise that some of our customers will face financial challenges over the coming months through:

  • Temporary loss of income due to illness or compulsory quarantine/isolation 
  • Loss of employment 
  • Decreased income due to reduction in work hours
  • Decreased business for self-employed borrowers.

This may affect their ability to meet their scheduled loan commitments.

If this happens to you please contact us, we want to work with you to make arrangements tailored to your particular circumstances to help you through the hard times.

We have a number of ways that may help including switching your loan to interest only or if it is more appropriate, deferral of repayments.

There is a formal process in place to assess each case. The first step is to complete the “Application for variation to contract due to financial hardship”. Then contact us, we will review your circumstances and work with you on developing the best solution for your situation.

Hardship provisions are a deferral of loan repayments for an agreed period. It is not a deferral of interest, which will continue to accrue as normal. This will also mean that your loan term will be extended.

The most important thing if you are in financial distress is to contact us.