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Don’t be a little fish!

How do we continue to thrive in business after 124 years? - simple; we treat our customers as we would like to be treated, with respect, professionalism, and a little bit of fun. The most common feedback we get from customers is that they feel like they have joined a family, not a bank.

Cairns Bank has spent over 124 years serving the Cairns Community as the local choice for banking.

A big part of this is the ability to deal with us face to face when you want to, after all there are some things that are best done in person.  This includes getting to know our customers so that we can look after their needs.  Our customers like to visit the branch – how many banks can say that?

Some people say “bigger is better” but when if you have an issue or just need help, it can give you the feeling that you are just a little fish in a big pond, being delegated a number in a long line of other fish.  Having a branch to drop into, where the staff know you by name, gives you a reassurance that you will always be taken care of with the service you deserve.

Whether it’s opening your very first bank account, getting a loan for your first car, to applying for a home loan; your banking is an important part of your life.  Cairns Bank wants to help you every step of the way, its what we do.

For people needing a home loan, that ability to meet face to face with someone who is not only accessbile but can translate the bank jargon and provide you with real world experience is something that we strongly believe in and provide.  From application through to assessment, approval and settlement of the loan, it is all done in our branch.

YES, you read correct, all done in our branch right here in Cairns!.

It’s one of the benfits of being small, local and customer owned – we don’t need to ask head office – we are head office.

Our branch still has its doors open after 124 years and that’s not going to change.  If you know someone who is feeling like a little fish in their banking life, tell them to come and see Cairns Bank to experience what real service is.