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Term Deposits

Meet your savings goals faster with Cairns Bank.

1-year term deposit

4.75% p.a.

Interest paid monthly or at maturity.


Saving for a house or new boat? Reach your savings goals faster with a Cairns Bank term deposit.

Competitive interest rates

Competitive interest rates over different time periods with guaranteed interest payments.

Old-school service

Our friendly and helpful team is always available to give you a hand in the branch or over the phone.

Competitive fees

$0 monthly account keeping fees.


Most of our banking is free. Where we need to make a charge, we keep these to an absolute minimum.

1 – 2 months 1.50% p.a.
3 – 5 months3.75% p.a.
6 – 18 months 4.00% p.a.
9 - 11 months3.75% p.a.
12 months*4.75% p.a.
24 months*
4.20% p.a.
36 months*
4.00% p.a.

*Option to have interest paid monthly, at the above rate less 0.25%
Interest rates for accounts >$1m can be provided upon request.

How to apply

Pop into the branch and our friendly staff will be ready to assist you.

1. Apply in branch

Just bring in 1 form of identification that can include Driver’s Licence, Passport or Birth Certificate.

2. Set up your online banking

We’ll activate your only banking and take you through how to log in whilst you’re in the branch.

Term Deposits FAQs

Who is Cairns Bank?

Cairns Bank is the trading name of Cairns Penny Savings & Loans Ltd. We’ve been supporting the Cairns community with their banking needs for over 125 years.

We take pride in our personal approach to banking. Getting to know our customers and delivering simple products and services is what we’re all about.

And as a customer owned bank we make decisions based on our customers’ needs, rather than the needs of shareholders.

A term deposit locks up your money for the length of time that you choose. If you need to access money during this time you will be charged a break fee.  

Money in a savings account is not locked up, giving you day to day access to your money.

Generally, savings accounts will pay lower interest than a term deposit.

You will receive a renewal advice 14 days prior to maturity. You will need to advise how you wish to continue this term deposit. If no action is received the term deposit will be reinvested for a further term.

The options available are to either reinvest the amount or add more funds to the Term Deposit and reinvest at the current term deposit rates.
Or release the funds to your nominated account or release part of the term deposit. Contact the branch prior to maturity and we can assist.

Yes. Money placed in a term deposit with Cairns Bank is protected by the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS).

The scheme protects deposits up to $250,000 per person, per financial institution.

We will set up your online banking at the same time we are setting up your account.  Please contact the branch if you wish to set up your online banking at a later time.