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Cairns Bank rates

Cairns Bank rates

At Cairns Bank most of our banking is free. Where we need to make a charge, we keep these to an absolute minimum. Come and talk to us about how you can avoid charges on your account.
Don’t forget Cairns Bank’s fantastic service - we’re here to help.

S21 Access Plus

0.00% all balances

S3 Offset accounts

100% offset with loan

S5 Pensioner accounts

0.15% to $10,000
1.00% to $50,000
1.55% $50,000 to $100,000
0.75%% to $250,000
0.75% over $250,000

S7 Internet Saver accounts

0.75% once balance reaches $2,000

S8 Business account

0.01% all credit balances

S16 First Penny

2.50% up to $2,000
0.75% portion over $2,000

S6 Christmas Club

1.50% all balances

We are here to help.

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