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Secured Overdrafts

Every business needs a little financial flexibility from time to time. Open a secured overdraft today.

Enjoy a competitive overdraft rate.

8.50% p.a.,1


Key Features

Unlock flexible financing for your small business with a Secured Overdraft from Cairns Bank.

Flexible financing on call

Access extra cash flow for your business when you need it.

Competitive interest rates

Enjoy cost-effective borrowing for your business.

Fast turnaround on approvals

As a community focused bank, we have the local knowledge and the team to get your secured overdraft approved much faster than the big banks.

Old-school service

Our lending specialist will take the time to support you through the process and help you get the best outcome.

Rates & Fees

Amount ($)Interest
All credit balances 0.01%
Overdraft rate8.50% p.a.
Monthly Fee$0
EFTPOS cash out$0
Direct debits and external transfers, cheque deposits (single cheque)5 free per month
$0.50c there after


NB: The ATM owner may charge an additional fee.
$1 per withdrawal
Visa debit card $25 p.a.

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How to apply

When you visit us in branch or contact us via phone, we will take you through the secured overdraft process from start to finish.

1. Contact our Home Loan Specialists

2. Provide us with supporting documentation.

Secured overdraft FAQs

What is a secured overdraft?

A secured overdraft is a flexible line of credit that allows you to borrow money up to a certain limit, using assets (such as property or equipment) as collateral to secure the loan.

You can use various assets as security, including real estate, equipment, or other valuable business assets.

The borrowing limit for a secured overdraft is determined based on the value of the security you provide and your business’s financial situation.

If you default on your secured overdraft, the bank has the right to seize the security you provided to secure the loan. It’s essential to make timely payments to avoid losing your assets.

Apply for a secured overdraft today

To find out more or to apply for a secured overdraft, book an appointment with our friendly team or visit us in branch.