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Why Cairns Bank?

At Cairns Bank, we're local, helpful and 100% customer-owned. It's the way banking should be.


Getting to know you is what we’re all about.  We take the time to meet with you in person to build a picture of what you need from our banking services.


All our products are easy to understand and we’re even easier to deal with.  Our focus is on simple solutions that are just right for your situation.


We’re 100% customer owned.  That means our purpose is serving our local Cairns community, not driving profits for shareholders.

Our Story

Cairns Bank has been around for over 125 years. In fact, we first opened our doors in April 1899. It all started, when a group of like-minded individuals got together to establish the Cairns Weekly Penny Savings Bank, as there was a need for a local financial institution in the Cairns area.

Over the years we have had a few name changes, from the Cairns Cooperative Weekly Penny Savings Bank to the Cairns Penny bank, and finally Cairns Bank. No matter our name, the founding principles of providing great local and helpful service, where you’re more than just a number, still underpins who we are today. We will always strive to put you first.

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Our Values

At Cairns Bank, we aim to provide a local banking solution tailored to each member’s needs.


Value matters for every customer. We make sure our decisions add up for all our members - new and existing.

Personal Service

Being small and local, we go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. We deliver products and services with your needs front and centre.


Our culture drives a customer service experience that sets the standard in banking. We're determined to make our customers so happy they'll recommend us to family and friends.


We put people before profits and never shy away from doing the right thing - even when it's not the easiest path to take.

Customer-owned banking

We’re 100% customer owned. So, when you become a Cairns Bank customer, you also become an owner. We don’t have external shareholders, who we have to pay dividends to. This means we can pass profits back to you, in the form of great service and competitive products. We are run purely to meet your needs.

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